About Jackwind Studio

I have often been asked about the meaning of “Jackwind Studio”.  In 2006, I was introduced to an elderly artist who agreed to share his studio with me at Milo Arts, a living and working community of artists in Columbus, Ohio.

What ensued was a beautiful friendship lasting a year and a half until his death one October morning.  Not long before he passed, we celebrated his birthday.  I asked him, “How old are you today?”  He paused and with a little grin of wisdom and delight, said “I have no age; I am the wind.”  His name was Jack.

When I was looking for a studio name, it came easily –  Jackwind Studio. It’s not a place; it’s a state of being – of being timeless and carefree; a state of being everywhere and nowhere; of being active and still in the same breath. A state of being the wind.

– John “Jack” Wade Piper

Carol Wallenfelsz

The studio.